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About The Bluest Blue

At the Bluest Blue, we strive to bring style and functionality to your pup's life. We focus on discovering the trendiest doggy fashion and delivering it to you. 

Based in Austin, TX, the capital of dogs, we look forward to working with local pup ambassadors to help expand our brand. Contact us to get involved!

We are inspired by our adopted Husky Mix, Bluey, to donate a portion of our profits to local animal shelters to provide the most meaningful impact we can. We are always looking for ways to be more involved in our community, and are always open to donation suggestions.

While we’ll always be extremely passionate about our pups, we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. At The Bluest Blue, we know we’re extraordinarily lucky to love what we do — and to love the people  and pets we do it for. dog jacket

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